Saudi forces impose sea blockade on northern Yemen

TAQA revenues during nine month 2009 down
  Nakheel commences handover of Marina Residences
  Intel, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology sign agreement to launch the Middle East Energy Efficiency Research Center
  GFH announces third Quarter financial results
  Fueling development of Palestinian economy: Wataniya Mobile launches commercial operations in West Bank
Rola Saed launches her own jewelry collection
  Nancy fights “Breast cancer”
  Durah’s first leading role on the big screen
  Narmin Al Faqhi “Won’t let go of her ethics”
  Duet between Fulla and Mahmoud Al Idrisi
On 5th anniversary of Arafat death, Abbas calls for Hamas reconciliation
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel on Wednesday of trying to undermine the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
  Saudi forces impose sea blockade on northern Yemen
  Iraqi PM expects more terror attacks ahead of elections
  Assad: No conditions for peace with Israel
  Lebanon: Unity government holds first meeting

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