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President Obama Speech Cairo University FULL VIDEO PODCAST TEXT
2009-06-05 18:36:00
PODCAST President Obama Speech Cairo University DOWNLOAD MP3 26 mb “A New Beginning” The President gives a speech in Cairo, Egypt, outlining his personal commitment to engagement with the Muslim world, based upon mutual interests and mutual respect, and discusses how the United States and Muslim communities around the world can bridge some of the differences that have divided them. June 4, 2009.Translations of President Obama’s Speech: “A New Beginning” In PDF format Arabic Read Chinese Read Dari in process French Read Hebrew in process Hindi Read Indonesian Read Malay in process Pashto Rea…

President Obama?s Speech In Cairo, Egypt? Judge Sonia Sotomayor?s Question
2009-06-05 05:28:00
Too Much Going On — Need Your Help Again… Folks, we did this a couple of days ago and it worked out great — you, the reader, the co-blogger -slash- commentator took over the thread and gave your opinions and I thoroughly enjoyed it and sincerely hope you all did, too. Again,… This is only a comment summary. Visit to view the lastest content complete with some of the most outrageous original photoshops in the political blogosphere!

Obama Affirms Evil, Sinister Anti-Jewish Racism in Cairo Speech
2009-06-04 14:49:00
Obama’s Cairo speech reaffirmed the long-standing anti-Jewish racism of US State Department policy by opposing and denying the Jewish right to live in parts of the ancient Jewish homeland -Judea & Samaria- recognized by the international community in a series of legal acts and decisions as parts of the Jewish National Home.The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop. This is an evil, sinister position. It threatens the right of Jewish residence in all countries throughout the world. It ought to be condemned by decent people everywhere. Note that Obama used the word “legitimacy” rather than “legality.” That is because the State Department is aware that the Jews have a legal right to live in those places, although these Judeophobic bigots don’t want Jews in those places.Again, bear in mind that Obama’s position i…

Barack Obama?s ?Candid? Speech In Cairo (FULL Text)
2009-06-04 13:40:00
President Barack Obama delivered his very much anticipated first speech titled “A New Beginning” for the Muslim world in an attempt to reestablish a diplomatic relationship with the United States at Cairo University campus? auditorium in Cairo, Egypt. Full Text of President Of The United States of America Barack Obama?s Speech in Cairo on June 4, …

Spring Educator’s Conference starts – Cairo, Egypt
2009-04-04 15:29:00
Jump to the full entry & travel map Cairo, Egypt8:30am was the beginning of the NESA conference at the Conrad Hotel in Cairo.  Vacation over!  Breakfast was the buffet again but this time I ate outside.  The weather was beautiful!  Some were cold but I was in heaven. 🙂  After the keynote, we had a coffee break with in the vendor area and then we were off to our first institute that were to be 2 2 hour sections.  I picked the one on “Promoting International Mindedness”.  The discussions were interesting as the group discussed how to take that idea of internationalism past the basics of food days and such as a way to celebrate the international body of students we serve.  I enjoyed the discussions as the teachers are from all over the area and had interesting perspectives to offer from personal experience and about their students.Next up was lunch.  We met up with Julie Cox-the former elementary principal at ACS and now in…

11th International Cairo Biennale
2008-12-12 20:07:00
“The Cairo Biennale, aware of such juxtapositions, will probe what we perceive today as the other; we are inviting creators / artists to explore the realms of the other within and without.Contemporary art practices today assimilate native and universal culture, as well as local specificities of history, heritage and legacy, and produce artworks representative of the artist in her / his social milieu; the art production is an authentic documentation of apace and time.”11th International Cairo BiennaleA Man With a Vision

2008-11-06 15:00:00
Commercial > For Sale > Office

2008-11-05 17:30:00
Commercial > For Sale > Mixed Use

Hyde Park – Exclusive Villa Community in New Cairo, Egypt
2008-08-13 18:30:00
Spread across 4 million square meters, Hyde Park is the most exclusive villa development in Egypt. The developments strongest features are the 3,000 detached and attached luxury villas nestled with a 1 million square meter landscaped park, which happens to be the biggest private park in Egypt. Hyde Park – New Cairo Overview Hyde Park is for …

Cairo helps Mariners walk past Jays in 10th inning
2008-06-10 05:48:00
Miguel Cairo’s safety squeeze after Jason Frasor walked the bases loaded in the 10th inning lifted the Seattle Mariners over the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2 on Monday night.

2008-06-08 10:31:00
Akshay ‘Khiladi’ Kumar’s last release Tashan may have failed to continue his dream run at the B.O. However the superstar has put the failure of Tashan behind him and is looking forward to his other releases this year. One of his most awaited films includes the Anees Bazmee directed action-comedy, Singh is Kinng where he is paired opposite the gorgeous Katrina Kaif.Akshay & Katrina were recently seen shooting a song in the picturesque locales of Egypt. Kumar is seen dressed in a typical Sardar get up with pagdi et al while Katrina is at her glowing best in a pink dress.The duo was joined by some local dancers as they shot at some exotic locales in Cairo. What’s more the Bollywood stars even seemed to have some fans in Egypt whom they happily obliged with autographs and pictures. The Akki- Kat duo delivered two big hits last year with Welcome and Namastey London. Will they be able to recreate the magic this time around? One will have to wait and watch

Visit Cairo Egypt country links portal The Great Pyramid of Giza
2008-06-06 19:07:00
Visit Cairo Egypt country links portal The Great Pyramid of Giza pictures and more… Visit Cairo Egypt country portal English Egypt French Égypte Spanish Egipto German Ägypten Italian Egitto Dutch Egypte Swedish Egypten Danish Egypten Portuguese Egipto Hungarian Egyiptom Polish Egipt Finnish Egypti My homeland, my homeland, my homeland, My love and my heart are for thee. My homeland, my homeland, my homeland, My love and my heart are for thee. Egypt! O mother of all lands, My hope and my ambition, How can one count The blessings of the Nile for mankind? Egypt! Most precious jewel, Shining on the brow of eternity! O my homeland, be for ever free, Safe from every foe! Egypt! Noble are thy children, Loyal, and guardians of thy soil. In war and peace We give our lives for thy sake. — The Great Pyramid of Giza. Online Videos of the Pyramid The Great Pyramid of Giza. Pictures 2008 The Great Pyramid of Giza. All About A to Z Cairo Egypt – Cairo Egypt. Online Videos …

Egyptian Museum, Cairo
2008-06-05 15:33:00
The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known commonly as the Egyptian Museum, in Cairo, Egypt, is home to the most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world. It has 120,000 items, with a representative amount on display, the remainder in storerooms and carparks. The museum’s Royal Mummy Room, containing 27 royal mummies from pharaonic …

Food Diary of the Guardian : Cairo
2008-05-28 16:59:00
There is a special report in the British Guardian newspaper about Food prices crisis in the world , Yesterday I found out it was Cairo’s turn in the report. Chris McGreal and Jack Shenker did a fantastic job in transferring the bitter image of the situation in Egypt , already no Official media journalist dares to transfer the image like this from the working low class Jack Shenker is sharing with the whole world the diary and the diet of an Egyptian simple working class family “The Arabys” in one single week. Chris McGreal posted a podcast and a video with a feature about the bread shortages ,hunger and unrest in Egypt. Please read it, listen to it and watch it because the coverage is fantastic , I tell you that Al Ahram does not dare to publish something like this , after all Al Ahram and co. say that the latest economic decisions came to save the class of the Arabys and Hoda “featured in McGreal report” !! I just want to clear something the food prices cr…

Anunciado Cairo Composite Manager
2008-05-28 03:27:00
Por fin un Composite Manager para los que no poseen aceleración gráfica. Según su sitio web: ?Cairo Composite Manager is a versatile and extensible composite manager which use cairo for rendering. Rendering can be done in 2D or 3D, using Xrender and Glitz backends. Plugins can be used to add some cool effects to your desktop.? Para instalarlo: editamos …

Grand Hyatt Hotel in Cairo Bans Alcohol
2008-05-28 00:00:00
The Saudi owner of Grand Hyatt Hotel, which overlooks the river Nile in Cairo, banned alcohol and destroyed quantities of alcoholic drinks that worth millions of dollars. . [ad#squar] The International company, which runs the hotel, asked Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim, to reverse his decision for fear that this decision might encourage …

Marriott Hotel Cairo cancels reservations of Jews
2008-05-27 18:10:00
Marriott Hotel in Cairo canceled the reservations of former Egyptian Jews who had wanted to visit because of incitement stirred up by false reports. Marriott hotels in USA have not reacted to the news in any way. Is your Marriott reservation going to canceled next? Read all about it and tell Marriott what you think:

2008-05-22 00:00:00
On Average: June is the warmest month. January is the coolest month. January is the wettest month. May is the driest month. For obvious reasons dictated by the desert, climate is the major concern when deciding to travel to Cairo. Only the heartiest of travel enthusiasts choose to bear the ferocious summer heat. It seldom rains in Egypt, but you …

To Beirut from Cairo
2008-05-08 21:06:00
powered by ODEO Some times songs and lyrics express better than essays and articles, again with Fairoz to  Lebanon Technorati Tags: Music,Fairoz,Lebanon,War,Cultur-e,Arts

Rosa Youssef Magazine?s Disappointed Mistakes Could Lead Hamas to War
2008-04-17 02:52:00
…. Rosa Youssef magazine said, the opinion of Sheikh Abd El Hamid Kollab the Imam of ?AL Mottaqin? Mosque from khan Younis ? Gaza and one of leaders of Hamas, to legalize the killing of Egyptian soldiers, Hamas already is on its intention to open the border and shipped citizens of Gaza in this …

Miguel Cairo (1B/3B-SEA)
2008-04-11 16:59:00
Miguel Cairo became the final player on the roster to finally get in a game, flying out to center in an eighth-inning pinch-hit appearance with his team down by seven runs

Follow Up : Outside Cairo
2008-04-06 15:23:00
Ok here are the some updates about the strike from outside Cairo , from the Goverantes across the republica.Al Arish in North Sinia ; The participation there is between 40%-45% Alexandria ; Sidi Bashr populated area is deserted More updates to come

Riyadh and Cairo to cut import duties


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